Yukon's Information

Breed: Blue Heeler/ Boarder collie,
Gender: Male
Age Range: 3 Years
Can live with: Children, Dogs, Horses,
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Spokane

Yukon is an amazing dog that is full of personality and love to give. So incredibly intelligent, loyal, and eager to please. Yukon is a great companion and will protect you and your property fearlessly. Sadly he hasnt had the easiest life this far. I rescued him about 8 months ago from a house that he was left at after his owner had gone to jail. They werent feeding him regularly and were physical with punishing him and so on. He is not food aggressive but he does hoard food (which ive never seen before) he will stash food in random places, he has a real love of sticks of butter and given the opportunity he will take it and put it in your couch or laundry. Also as a result he is cautious of new people and has attatched himself to me to the point of getting separation anxiety when left alone. He is intelligent and on occasion will show some defiance especially when bored or been treated badly. He is great with other dogs, potty trained, knows sit;lay down;back up; come;shake;wait;load;get your toy; and “watch him”. He is great on a leash, loves to snuggle, without fail he will be by youside or at your feet, he will stay in the yard, and loves car rides. I love him so incredibly much and its breaking my heart to so this, but I have recently had an unexpected diagnosis of a chronic illness that is causing me severe fatigue and I am unable to provide him with the exercise or mental stimulation he needs to be happy, not only would it be selfish for me to keep him, he has begun randomly acting out with aggresion to people, usually a new person, when they come to my home. He has never done it away from the apartment and am sure it isnt a forever issue, I believe he can tell i am sick and may sense hes going to be rehomed again and is trying to assert his claim on what he sees as his territory. I have never seen him with children or cats, but as before mentioned he is great with all dogs. I live in an apartment and has done fine as long as he gets walked and excercised regularly. Would prefer finding someone that has experience with dogs or ideally with working dogs, and has the time to spend with him, possibly a retiree. Thank you for reading, and hope you consider answering his prayers and let him become a permanent member of your family.

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