Titus's Information

Breed: Pitbull bully,
Gender: Male
Age Range: 4 Years
Can live with:
Spayed/neutered: No
Location: Priest river Idaho

To whom it may concern,

I have a Pitbull Bully (Great White Shark) named Titus and where we were staying being care takers of a property it’s not sold and we must relocate. Titus can’t come because they have a male who does not get along with other male dogs. There is a chance he is deaf. Titus is around 4 years old and not fixed. He has been with us for a few months and I’ll tell you what we were told and know in this amount of time.

When he first arrived he was in EXTREMELY poor shape. Starved, neglected, and could barely walk as his feet were inflamed, toes starting to fuse together, and red as a gas can. Not to mention skin and bones. With careful attention we have started to get fur to grow back on his front feet but still fighting a food allergy/environmental allergies so his hind legs still have some raw patches, but is nothing compared to when he first arrived. We put an easy 30 pounds on him and still has more to put on, we had to slow feed him due to the neglect at first.

We put a cone on him for a while and it helped some with the licking and chewing himself up. He did scratch his eye pretty good and needs a nail trim like no other but isn’t a fan of them being cut but you can grab his feet all you want and he could care less. Our cone isn’t big enough for him as he is big boy when at full healthy weight he weighs in at a good 140 pounds easy. He does have some hives on his side from a reaction to the food and was doing really good but then it became apparent he was allergic to this food as well. We have him on Bil Jac Chicken Adult Formula Grain Free Corn Free Soy Free and is a immune support sensitive formula as he has a really sensitive gut.

He also has a ear mite issue we’ve been trying to manage with medication but no avail yet. He did have medicated bathes and antibiotics etc. but it’s going to take some dedication and diligence to get him up to full par. When I had mentioned our ranch and he doesn’t fit in its because he is a city slicker guy who likes to be a couch potato, cuddle a holic teddy bear who sleeps under the blankets not be outside and on the go working around farm animals. He does walk fast on a leash but that’s just his stride. He loves to go bye bye (car rides and will jump right in no hesitations.) He will gladly take a nice warm bath or shower and has enjoyed the ones we have given him. As far as minimal commands goes he knows how to sit but its only if you got a treat or he wants to ha ha he’s kind of a stubborn set in his way guy. If he wants to stop and smell something he will throw on the brakes whether you want to stop or not to smell the roses. He will flip up the toilet lid to get a drink even if we block the door closed as ours doesn’t latch we put a chair there and he moved it to get to the toilet, what a stinker.

He doesn’t tear anything up or destroy anything that he isn’t supposed to have such as shoes clothes pillows etc. However he will get into anything food related if capable. On day one he jumped onto the kitchen counter and broke a mason jar filled with oatmeal. I couldn’t blame him though he was starving. They told their younger kid he was having a sleepover at my house because she couldn’t understand the re-homing ordeal. We offered them to come see him and how he was doing and he brought his 2 oldest kids with him that day. I took them and Titus for a walk and they told me they had to make him a peanut butter sandwich for food and was lucky if he even got that ☹

The supposed cons:

We were told that he had dog aggression issues from the previous people we took him from. The story we were given was their previous room mate had a Jack Russel Terrier who antagonized him around 5 times before he had enough and snapped at the dog but didn’t hurt it. Their other dog lost an eye from this Jack Russel attacking it.

We took our time desensitizing him around my female pitbull and slowly after some time of her walking past his kennel without any reactiveness back from him we decided to introduce them by taking them for a walk together and DID AMAZING! I am not sure if that Jack Russel was a female or a male, so I can’t tell you how he does around another male dog as I don’t have one.

We were also told he has food aggression issues between other dogs.

I didn’t test this of course because it’s not something to take lightly and my dog does have issues so I have always fed them separate. You can take his food bowl away or any bones and not get any fuss from him what’s so ever, if anything he will just pout.

I am sure that with proper training and slow introductions around another dog who has a similar temperament to mine he should do just fine and thrive. Sassy my dog has a single mind and is all about her people and if another dog is reactive she just ignores them. If friendly she will let them sniff and say hi and carry on. He truly is a great dog but doesn’t fit the active farm life as he much rather go outside when only needed to go potty and doesn’t like to be outside with us doing chores which takes a while with all our critters and much rather be a couch potato or lay under the blankets. He is a city slicker guy through and through and quite a pansy lol <3 He doesn’t know what the word no means and sometimes you got to trick him into doing something if he doesn’t want to by the word treat.

He is a really good boy other wise and we only want the best for him. I firmly believe he wouldn’t be here today if we hadn’t of taken him.

We are located in Priest River, Idaho not far from Priest Lake. I’ve attached pictures of Titus from day one to now, if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask and I will try to facilitate.

-Melissa, Jason, Sassy & Titus


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