Tigger's Information

Breed: Domestic Short Hair (DSH),
Gender: Male
Age Range: 1 Year
Can live with:
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Spokane Valley, WA

Tigger is a young black and white tuxedo cat whose name comes from the fact that his curly tail seems like it has a spring in it.
He’s very affectionate and playful and demanding of attention once he gets to know you and he may even let you rub his belly from time to time without risk of blood loss.
Despite his young age, he’s been an outdoor cat for several months now and likes to sleep during the day and then pounce on or chase anything that moves during the evenings and nights.

He’s only been my cat for a few weeks now as his previous owner is planning to move and he was willing to let me have Tigger so that I could try to get him to a good home.
His previous owner got him and his mother for rodent control and he never seemed to grasp the idea that you needed to keep a cat inside until it bonds with you, and so Tigger is the latest in a series of at least nine (9) cats that his former owner got and then let outside with the entirely expected outcome.
Tigger is the only one who stayed around I think because I fed him cat food he liked and played with him when he wanted attention.
I can’t keep him, though, as I already have two cats, neither of which like each other or him, and so my only option to keep him is as an outside cat, which while he may like it now, isn’t the life I think he deserves.
While he might well like to be outside, I’d like for him to find someone who will keep him inside and give him the long and happy life.

Heathwise, Tigger originally came from Spokanimal, but I’ve taken him to my vet anyway and had him given all of his shots.
He is FIV and FLV negative.
He’s had a blood test to see how his organs are doing, but I haven’t yet heard the results, but until then, I’m assuming that he’s perfectly healthy.

So, is he good with kids? I suspect he is, but he hasn’t been around any.
I think he’s probably good with dogs so long as they don’t bark at him or try running after him.
I also think he’s probably good with other cats, although because he’s still a kitten, he wants to play and other cats don’t necessarily want him trying to pounce on them whenever their backs are turned.

So what are his negative points?
He likes to eat the expensive prescription cat food I’ve given my cats (Science Diet I/D kibble) and turns up his nose at anything else including canned.
(I’m willing to supply this food for him at least for awhile.)
He also likes to eat leaves in the yard, even those that might not be good for him.
And he is a cat, meaning he is a natural born killer, and so goes after insects, birds, mice, and rabbits.
Finally, he is an attention whore who will do just about anything to keep you in one place while you give scratch and rub him and/or play with him.

So I want him to have a good home, one where he’ll be loved and cared for the rest of his life, one where he won’t be given up when COVID or whatever other crisis of the day ends, one where at the end of his life, his owner(s) will look back and say, “I loved him, I miss him, I took care of him as best I could, he was a good cat”.
If you can’t do that, then don’t waste your time or mine trying to contact me about him.

And if for some reason, you can’t keep him, then I want first crack at getting him back.

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