Snitter's Information

Breed: Boxer/beagle,
Gender: Female
Age Range: 5 Years
Can live with:
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Spokane, WA

Snitter is a sweet girl inside, but due to her past as a stray she has a lot of fear on walks towards dogs and joggers and needs an experienced owner who can handle barking, growling and lunging behaviors. She’s five years old and does very well with command training under threshold. She’s snuggly and playful, with no food or toy aggression and great bite inhibition during play (she refuses to rough-play with smaller/female adults, like me).

She is crate trained and muzzle trained. But I haven’t had to use a crate. She has some slight separation anxiety but fortunately she’s pretty obedient about barking and chewing even when left free. She’s a very smart girl who loves “working” with complex command training and impulse training!

I haven’t seen fear towards people when we’re not on walks. I haven’t had a chance to introduce her to other dogs outside of walks, but I know she has lived with them with past families. She’s made good progress with them outside but unfortunately I live in a neighborhood filled with unsupervised and reactive dogs and it’s very difficult for us to make consistent headway, as she’s often barked at or approached aggressively first. I do believe with proper training in the right environment that her reactivity could be reduced a lot.

She has no fear of the vacuum or of storms. Apart from walks, she’s a pretty chill girl who enjoys hiking when we can manage it, but also loves just vegging on the couch all day to watch movies with us. She’s very sensitive to emotion and loves giving extra snuggles when you’re feeling down!

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