Charlie's Information

Gender: Male
Age Range: Unknown
Can live with: Dogs,
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Spokane Valley, WA

I’m not sure about Charlie’s age, maybe 5-ish. I was told he was a rescue from SCRAPS 2 years ago but information may be unreliable. He has ‘notches’ in both ears and I was told that might be a sign of a puppy mill. He is neutered. He is really sweet and wants to play & snuggle but gets nervous sometimes and BITES. I watch his body language and as long as his tail is wagging he’s pretty great. He’s great with other dogs but I think he might be happiest as an only child (or at least a favorite child) for someone who likes to play a little and cuddle A LOT. Charlie LOVES to be under the covers with just his nose peeking out and he appreciates being tucked in and covered when he sleeps. He especially likes to hide his face in the covers. It’s pretty cute. He loves to go ‘cruisin’ in the car. He’s happy to potty outside but he can be a little unreliable indoors. When he feels safe he is a happy little wiggle-butt. I have a bed, bowls and a few toys for him. And a little food as well. I have NO information about how he is with cats.

The owner is no longer able to care for him and I promised to find him a good home. I am very hopeful that you may be able to take this little man. He deserves a 2nd chance to find happiness with someone who knows how to work with these kind of issues.

Thank you for considering him. : )

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